[Bug 6908] tar is broken on Android: resulting stream produces damaged files when unpacked

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Mon Feb 24 20:26:00 UTC 2014


--- Comment #8 from yuri at tsoft.com 2014-02-24 20:25:59 UTC ---
Thank you for your help!

So 'stat' returns the correct size, but sequential reads hit the end of file? I
never saw this on unchanged in the process file. This should only happen if
someone outside truncated the file in the process (which isn't our case).

This is an Android system installed by CyanogenMod (http://www.cyanogenmod.org)
on a (rooted) cellphone. I didn't build it myself, this is their stock build
cm_quincyatt-userdebug 4.2.2 JDQ39E 9a899040f2

> Do you have CONFIG_LFS=y in your .config?
No such file exists in the file system. There is no /etc/make.conf either

> What version of libc do you use?
Android doesn't use the usual gnu glibc library. They use some trimmed down
version of netbsd libc. I am not sure how to get the version on Android.

> What is its sizeof(off_t)?
Android doesn't come with the compiler installed. Do you know some way to learn
this using some shell command? (I doubt it exists though)

I posted this question on CyanogenMod forums:
Maybe somebody there can explain what is going on.
I could never suspect that this would be a problem in the base system. It might
even be a general Android bug.

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