[Bug 5444] busybox segfaults with 2-component linux version string

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Fri Sep 21 04:22:42 UTC 2012


--- Comment #4 from Michael Tokarev <mjt+busybox at tls.msk.ru> 2012-09-21 04:22:42 UTC ---
Actually I don't think fixing this is necessary.  Well... It depends.

This whole function - get_linux_version_code() - is called for 2 reasons.

First is several places in modutils/, to support pre-2.4 kernel module loading.

And second is in nfs mount, to check that the kernel is more recent than
2.2.18(!), to use different nfs mount version.

I'm not sure how relevant both of these today.  For nfs mount, I don't think it
counts at all nowadays.  For modutils it is questionable but might be useful
still.  For these, maybe smaller code might be used, which just strcmp's
uname.release with "2.4".

In debian I just patched out the call to get_linux_version_code() from nfs
mount -- see

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