[Bug 4790] Running udhcpc on a system with NFS root kills NFS

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Tue Mar 13 14:03:28 UTC 2012


--- Comment #3 from Aaron Opfer <aopfer at bennett-electric.com> 2012-03-13 14:03:28 UTC ---
> What do you propose?
I found out the particular script that performs the mounts is actually
in buildroot. I'll move the bug to that project if I can. I attached a
diff that I generated. The file in question is

The script in question is based on the scripts included with busybox,
from my observations. We should modify those example scripts to also
play nice with NFS so that anyone who copies them verbatim for their
projects won't get burned from this.

Also, to comment on the route_add_pipe variable in my diff: since we
skip deleting the routes (in case NFS server is not on the subnet), it's
very likely the lease we get also has the same routes. Adding the routes
when they already exist results in an error, so I suppress the error if
it's likely to happen.

Aaron Opfer

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