[Bug 4267] DHCP Client: accepts ACK or NAK from other servers

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ignore DHCP NAK from wrong servers

This bug is present in 1.1.3, too.
I am sorry the version I am reporting is so old, but this is the currently
running version on (older) FreeWRT (www.freewrt.org) embedded routers.

However, I am submitting my patch for 1.1.3, hoping it will somehow apply
against current versions, too.

Thoughts on the situation/the attached patch:
DHCP NAKs are ignorable if they do not have any Server ID. The right server
(with the right server id option) could answer with ACK any time later.
If no ACK is received in the following because the NAK was meant as a definite
NAK, the timeouts will catch the situation.

DHCP NAKs with the right server id are defnite. These reset the internal state

IMHO this behaviour is compatible with RFC2131. On pg. 29 it says that "Server
identifier" is a MUST field for NAK packets. Thus, expecting a server
identifier should be ok.

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