[Bug 4550] Segfault in Busybox while installing Ubuntu 11.10

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Tue Jan 24 20:32:05 UTC 2012


--- Comment #17 from Franz A. <james at wolke7.net> 2012-01-24 20:32:04 UTC ---
Sorry for the delay.
I applied your patch to init.c, made a new busybox, static, ran the
installation again. And again the expected segfault happened. I did not see
any, but I hope, that you can find helpful information in the console output.

I also tried electric fence. I had a problem with the libraries, so maybe that
second log is not useful. At least it reported several mallocs with size 0.
(On my build PC I have a newer kernel than on the install CD image. So, busybox
complained about a version mismatch in glibc. After replacing the glibc in the
initrd it started up and the result is in the second log. I will run another
test with all libraries replaced and hope for better results.)

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