[Bug 4105] chpasswd segmentation fault

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Sun Sep 11 01:12:07 UTC 2011


--- Comment #2 from mrother at mail.com  ---
This bug report is a consequence of a TinyCoreLinux user complaint:

To recreate you'd need to boot TC v3.8.3
as the current version has a patch
applied. You will have to enter in a shell a command like:
    echo tc:pw | sudo chpasswd -m
to see a 'Segmenation fault' after the 'Password for 'tc' changed' message.

BTW, this is not my patch, I only helped to narrow down the issue. I used a
pretty nasty approach to pick out a "culprit": I "sprinkled" a few 'printf()'
statements into the code until I was sufficiently confident to be able to put
some blame on a single statement. Just looking at the code I was not able to
support my finding.

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