[Bug 3793] Changing the log output level value makes no difference

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ferob <fekete.robert at hotmail.com> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from ferob <fekete.robert at hotmail.com>  ---
I am using OpenWrt (on a Netgear WNDR3700).
It uses BusyBox sysklogd unmodified, programs logging there use either the
"logger" utility or the "openlog()" and "syslog()" api calls, so nothing
OpenWrt specific.
If I set the log output level to anything between 0-7, then try it one by one,
the log looks like this in each case:

May 31 02:14:16 BLACKPORT user.debug root: TEST MSG
May 31 02:14:19 BLACKPORT user.info root: TEST MSG
May 31 02:14:22 BLACKPORT user.notice root: TEST MSG
May 31 02:14:25 BLACKPORT user.warn root: TEST MSG
May 31 02:14:28 BLACKPORT user.err root: TEST MSG
May 31 02:14:31 BLACKPORT user.crit root: TEST MSG
May 31 02:14:34 BLACKPORT user.alert root: TEST MSG
May 31 02:14:37 BLACKPORT user.emerg root: TEST MSG

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