[Bug 3835] The 'ps' command doesn't show real thread names

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Mon Jun 6 01:46:27 UTC 2011


Daniel Ng <daniel.ng1234 at gmail.com> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Daniel Ng <daniel.ng1234 at gmail.com>  ---
patch attached-

Change to procps.c:

-The real thread name comes from ps->comm 
->This needs to be populated by procps_scan(), and read by ps_main(). This was
populated only when the PSSCAN_STAT flag was set. It is now populated when
either PSSCAN_STAT or PSSCAN_COMM is set.

Changes to ps.c:

-The default behaviour of 'ps' is to print out the cmdline via func_args()
-When the '-T' option is specified by the user, set the PSSCAN_COMM flag.
Otherwise, do not use this flag.
-Setting the PSSCAN_COMM flag causes ps_main() to read ps->comm for the real
thread name rather than use cmdline

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