[Bug 3217] wget dead slow

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Thu Feb 10 12:07:29 UTC 2011


--- Comment #6 from uli <mz1510-uni01 at yahoo.de>  ---
did further tests, behaviour depends on server chosen and file that's fetched.
With just fetching some index.html of some server somewhere in the world it
always gets stuck (see logfiles above, only for 1.18.x, not 1.17.x), with large
zero files so far no issue were seen, with just some old 10MB file I happened
to have on disk there were hangups seen occasionally with 1.18.1, not so with
the patched 1.18.3 yet.

The slowdown seems always related to some poll / timeout message in the

The problem that actually triggered my report might have vanished in the
patched 1.18.3 version. However, the fact that for any web server I tried to
access by its web address only (ie. expecting to fetch some index file) the
timeout occurs, and that's for 1.18.x, not so for 1.17.2, might perhaps
indicate some remaining issue? 

... can't unfortunately debug any further, sorry...

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