[Bug 493] xargs does not support -I

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Sun May 30 12:22:11 UTC 2010


--- Comment #3 from frater <fraterbugzilla at hetemail.com>  ---
I filed this bug a long time ago, but never saw anything happen with it. It's
not that I'm impatient, but maybe I'm not being clear enough.

You gave an example which I had to change a bit because I don't have that file
README and it should really have '-name' as well

This is what I get:

# /bin/busybox find /bin -name busybox
# /bin/busybox find /bin -name busybox -exec echo ">{}<" ";"

No output there....
It does work on my Ubuntu:

root at ubuntuLTS:/opt/ASSP/logs# find /usr/bin -name find
root at ubuntuLTS:/opt/ASSP/logs# find /usr/bin -name find  -exec echo ">{}<" ";"

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