[Bug 2023] tftp is not working with tftpd 0.17-16 on debian 5.04 with size protocoll enabled

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Thu Jun 17 07:01:16 UTC 2010


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Hi Denys,

without a longer timeout, I got the following with tftpd32:

Connection received from on port 46297 [17/06 08:55:10.578]
Read request for file <Interface>. Mode octet [17/06 08:55:10.578]
Using local port 1352 [17/06 08:55:10.578]
Warning : received duplicated request from [17/06
<Interface>: sent 7 blks, 3408 bytes in 0 s. 0 blk resent [17/06 08:55:10.640]
Connection received from on port 46297 [17/06 08:55:10.875]
Read request for file <Interface>. Mode octet [17/06 08:55:10.875]
Using local port 1353 [17/06 08:55:10.875]
File <Interface> : error 10054 in system call recv Eine vorhandene Verbindung
wurde vom Remotehost geschlossen. [17/06 08:55:10.937]

The file is transmitted, so in general it works also with 50ms timeout.
But since the timeout only occurs, when a 'fault' happens, an increase to
100ms doesn't influence the work with other tftp servers.
They respond in the same time like before :)

So why not 100ms?

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