[Bug 2023] tftp is not working with tftpd 0.17-16 on debian 5.04 with size protocoll enabled

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Fri Jun 11 06:33:41 UTC 2010


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I have to say sorry !!!

The tftp program works.
But the errormessage "server only supports blocksize of 512"
had confused me. I thought the transmission failed.
But it was done correct.

It would be better todo it like this:
 bb_error_msg("falling back to default blocksize");

Or something like that.
So the message appears only when I used the -b option, and it sounds not
that the transmission failed.

Regarding to the 3rd and 4th reply:
This happens only because that tftp sends to requests at start when connecting
to a tftpd32 server. tftpd32 sends an error packet, because no further requests
for thefirst request appears.

To solve this I increased the constant TFTP_TIMEOUT_MS from 50 to 100.

I read inside rfc1350 and there is not defined how long the timeout should be.
So I think it is not a fault to increase it to 100.

Best regards and again sorry for the trouble.

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