[Bug 991] Build fails with call to mallopt()

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Wed Jan 27 23:32:57 UTC 2010


--- Comment #7 from African Chief <chief at greatchief.plus.com>  2010-01-27 23:32:56 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #6)
> Nope, it's inside #ifdef:
> #ifdef __MALLOC_STANDARD__

Unfortunately, not in our version (TI AR7 + MontaVista Linux 2.4.17).

> uclibc 0.9.19?? That's ten versions older than most recent uclibc release, it's
> seven years old.

Sadly so. This is code for firmwares for ADSL modem/routers, and it is not
easily upgraded.

I'll just add the #ifdef myself.


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