[Bug 1831] Incorrect label/uuid may be returned for swap partitions

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Fri Aug 13 03:41:27 UTC 2010


--- Comment #2 from Fedor Kozhevnikov <fktpa813 at gmail.com>  ---
(In reply to comment #1)
>Why do you think swapspace signature should get preference?
Well, why not? It already gets preference over any other file systems except
fat, xfs, and mac...

Actually, I suppose whatever you did with the partition the last, should take
precedence. It automatically happens when you format drive, for example, as fat
- because it overwrites the swap signature. But not when you use mkswap...

When you create swap partition with a label (mkswap -L <LBL>), you probably
intend to activate it later by label using "swapon LABEL=<LBL>" command.
However, currently it doesn't work if this partition was previously formatted
as fat/xfs/mac and had a different label. In this case, swapon picks up the old
fat label instead of the new swap label, so it complains that there's no such

The fact that the old file system signature is not wiped out is actually rather
confusing - the partition still can be mounted and used as a fat partition, but
at the same time the swap can be activated on it and overwrite/damage the data
stored on a fat file system. However, this is the different issue (which exists
in other Linux distros too) - not the one I was trying to solve.

> We can add -f flag, but then many users will forget to use it...
I agree - it probably won't be very useful because people will forget about it.

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