[Bug 135] insmod cannot load modules under mipsle (AR7)

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Tue Mar 3 18:46:48 UTC 2009


--- Comment #9 from African Chief <chief at greatchief.plus.com>  2009-03-03 18:46:47 UTC ---
Having to supply full pathnames to modules would be a very big move to make for
the ADSL firmwares. Unfortunately, there seems to be no obvious way to run
depmod to produce modules.dep on the target platform. I can't seem to find any
instructions in the busybox docs about this. 

Insmod works well enough under busybox 1.12.x without having to supply full
paths. So I guess we'll just stick with 1.12.4, since there is no particularly
pressing need to move to 1.13.x. Most of the other AR7 firmwares (both official
and third party) are still running busybox 0.61-pre, so we are already far
ahead of the rest of them!

I suppose this is not a bug, after all. Sorry for wasting your time!


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