[Bug 135] insmod cannot load modules under mipsle (AR7)

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Tue Mar 3 16:10:27 UTC 2009


--- Comment #4 from African Chief <chief at greatchief.plus.com>  2009-03-03 16:10:26 UTC ---
Yes, insmod works perfectly under 1.12.x. I have done some further
investigations. Under 1.13.2, insmod works if you supply the full path of the
module that you wish to load, or if the module is in the directory that you are
running from. So it seems to be a path issue.

Modprobe under 1.12.4 always complains about not being able to parse
modules.dep. Under 1.13.2, it claims that it can't find the module  (e.g.,
"modprobe: Module rshaper.o not found") even when the module is in the current
directory, and even if you supply the full path to the module.

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