[Bug 375] httpd does not reap zombies

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Thu Jul 16 16:21:32 UTC 2009


--- Comment #11 from Shmulik Hen <shmulik.h at adi-vt.com>  2009-07-16 16:21:32 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #10)
> How to test whether your init is really broken:
> Run a few times:
> sh -c 'sleep 1 & kill -9 $$'
> (a shell which starts a child, and then kills itself)
> them look at ps output. If you see zombies of "sleep", then init is buggy.

I believe you are correct - I can see several zombie processes called [sleep]

Could this be a bug in busybox 1.8.2 that was later fixed ?
If so I can ask STLinux to upgrade their supplied package to 1.14.2.

This is what I'm seeing on the serial console:

init started: BusyBox v1.8.2 (2009-07-15 14:10:39 IDT)
starting pid 217, tty '': '/etc/init.d/rcSBB'
Activating swap.
Checking all file systems...
fsck (busybox 1.8.2, 2009-07-15 14:10:39 IDT)
Setting up networking...done.
Setting up IP spoofing protection: rp_filter.
Disable TCP/IP Explicit Congestion Notification: done.
Configuring network interfaces: done.
Initializing random number generator...done.
Starting kernel log daemon: klogd.
Starting system log daemon: syslogd.
Starting sshd:ok
Starting telnetd: ok
Starting httpd: ok

/etc/initabBB looks like this (also provided by ST):

# Example Busybox inittab
# Put a getty on the serial line (for a terminal)
#::respawn:/sbin/getty -L ttyAS0 115200 vt102
::shutdown:/sbin/swapoff -a
::shutdown:/bin/umount -a -r

I can see that serial console is not started normally with getty (to avoid the
need to login) - could this be part of the problem?

One more problem I could see which may be related:

If I interrupt the boot process and don't let the rcSBB script load the
loadable modules and run our application (a debug option we are using), I can
run 'ps' (either from the serial console and from telnet). If I let the boot go
all the way and then connect from telnet, I can't run 'ps' and I get this:

# ps
/bin/ps: invalid option -- T
BusyBox v1.8.2 (2009-07-15 14:10:39 IDT) multi-call binary

Usage: ps 

Report process status

        w       Wide output

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