[Bug 643] klogd logs message tagged with user.xxx

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Mon Dec 14 07:43:55 UTC 2009


--- Comment #6 from Bernhard Weirich <bernhard.weirich at riedel.net>  2009-12-14 07:43:53 UTC ---
it is not a bug in glibc and neither in uclibc, although at first glance it
really looks as if it were.

if you look at the man page of openlog:

  LOG_KERN       kernel messages (these can't be generated from user processes)

it is intended that it does not work as easy as openlog(... LOG_KERN).
I could not figure out why but the klogd deamon from the buildroot sysklogd
package works correctly with exactly the same glibc. so there are ways how to
do it.

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