[BusyBox 0000988]: mount does not support usrquota/grpquota options

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Mon Feb 18 12:05:02 UTC 2008

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Reported By:                massaware
Assigned To:                BusyBox
Project:                    BusyBox
Issue ID:                   988
Category:                   Other
Reproducibility:            always
Severity:                   major
Priority:                   normal
Status:                     closed
Resolution:                 open
Fixed in Version:           
Date Submitted:             08-08-2006 04:53 PDT
Last Modified:              02-18-2008 04:04 PST
Summary:                    mount does not support usrquota/grpquota options
we are trying to get quota working on a reiserfs filesystem created on an
md raid device /dev/md0. However, when issuing a mount command to mount
the device with the usrquota/grpquota options, the following error message
is returned:

mount /dev/md0
mount: Mounting /dev/md0 on /mnt/data failed: Invalid argument

this when using the following fstab entry:

/dev/md0   /mnt/data    reiserfs  usrquota,grpquota,noauto,noatime       
1 2

when mounting without using fstab but by forcing the options on
commandline, the command succeeds:

~ # mount -t reiserfs -o usrquota,grpquota,noatime /dev/md0 /mnt/data
~ # mount
/dev/md0 on /mnt/data type reiserfs (rw,noatime)

~ # quotaon -vug /mnt/data
/dev/md0 [/mnt/data]: group quotas turned on
/dev/md0 [/mnt/data]: user quotas turned on

HOWEVER, quotas aren't really enabled, users can do whatever they want
with the drive, no limits is imposed.

When using util-linux's mount, everything works without any problems, by
using the same commands as stated above, so this has to be an issue with
busybox's mount.

 vda - 02-18-08 04:04  
Just added additional -vv output support to mount.
With it, I see the following:

# mount -vv /dev/sda6 tmp -o usrquota
mount: mount('/dev/sda6','tmp','reiserfs',0x00008000,'usrquota'):0

So, "usrquota" is indeed passed to kernel. We did our part. Why quota
isn't actually working for you - that's another question.

If you can get additional info - for example, how util-linux's mount()
exactly looks like? (Not mount command, but mount() call done inside it).
Is it different from what we do? How?

Strace here doesn't help enough, you will need to build util-linux from
find mount(...) call and add debug printout like this:

        rc = mount(source, target, filesystemtype, mountflags, data);
+       printf("mount('%s','%s','%s',0x%08lx,'%s'):%d\n",
+                               source, target, filesystemtype,
+                               mountflags, (char*)data, rc); 

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