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website: add direct links to every last stable release tarball


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 Source for the latest release can always be
-downloaded from <a href="downloads"></a>.
+downloaded from <a href="downloads/"></a>.
-You can also obtain <a href= "downloads/snapshots/">Daily Snapshots</a> of
+Each 1.x branch has bug fix releases after initial 1.x.0 release.
+Latest releases for each branch:
+<a href=>1.9.1</a>,
+<a href=>1.8.2</a>,
+<a href=>1.7.4</a>,
+<a href=>1.6.2</a>,
+<a href=>1.5.1</a>,
+<a href=>1.4.1</a>,
+<a href=>1.3.2</a>.
+You can also obtain <a href="downloads/snapshots/">Daily Snapshots</a> of
 the latest development source tree for those wishing to follow BusyBox development,
 but cannot or do not wish to use Subversion (svn).

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