svn commit: trunk/busybox/networking

aldot at aldot at
Mon Mar 19 20:28:03 UTC 2007

Author: aldot
Date: 2007-03-19 13:28:03 -0700 (Mon, 19 Mar 2007)
New Revision: 18168

- don't automatically select run-parts but point out that this is a system-utility in the strict sense.


Modified: trunk/busybox/networking/
--- trunk/busybox/networking/	2007-03-19 19:54:56 UTC (rev 18167)
+++ trunk/busybox/networking/	2007-03-19 20:28:03 UTC (rev 18168)
@@ -212,7 +212,6 @@
 config IFUPDOWN
 	bool "ifupdown"
 	default n
-	select RUN_PARTS
 	  Activate or deactivate the specified interfaces.  This applet makes
 	  use of either "ifconfig" and "route" or the "ip" command to actually
@@ -223,7 +222,8 @@
 	  against my better judgement (since this will surely result in plenty
 	  of support questions on the mailing list), I do not force you to
 	  enable these additional options.  It is up to you to supply either
-	  "ifconfig" and "route" or the "ip" command, either via busybox or via
+	  "ifconfig", "route" and "run-parts" or the "ip" command, either
+	  via busybox or via
 	  standalone utilities.

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