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Mon Jul 23 18:04:13 UTC 2007

before you create it!"

I undoubtedly can fix bbox cp to match GNU message, but code will be
and GNU message is still semi-stupid.

For the record: fix should be here:

static int ask_and_unlink(const char *dest, int flags)
        if (unlink(dest) < 0) {

===> if errno == ENOENT or ENOTDIR, explain that *path* is invalid, not
filename <===

                bb_perror_msg("cannot remove '%s'", dest);
                return -1; // error
        return 1; // ok (to try again)

 kiltedknight - 08-24-07 08:58  
I've read it again.  You don't seem to understand...

If the path in which you want to create the file does not exist, you
should never see EEXIST... that implies the file already exists! 

 vda - 08-24-07 09:55  
bbox cp says:

cp: cannot remove '/tmp/nonexistent/path/foo': No such file or directory

which sounds stupid

GNU coreutils cp says:

cp: cannot create regular file `/tmp/nonexistent/path/foo': No such file
or directory

which is also stupid.

Do you agree with me on the above?

If yes: then why we should change from one stupid message to another
stupid one?
If no: explain why do you think that coreutils message is better. 

 kiltedknight - 08-24-07 10:05  
It's far less stupid to say, "No such file or directory" when part or all
of the path does not exist than to say, "cannot remove..." because the
user is trying to create a file, not remove one.

Also, try compiling with DO_POSIX_CP enabled as well... instead, you get
the message that the file exists when you try to copy to a path that
doesn't exist.

In all cases, the best choice of error messages is "No such file or
directory," which will clue the user in on what is actually wrong. 

 vda - 08-24-07 10:08  

        } else if (S_ISBLK(source_stat.st_mode) ||
         || S_ISSOCK(source_stat.st_mode) ||
         || S_ISLNK(source_stat.st_mode)
        ) {
                // We are lazy here, a bit lax with races...
                if (dest_exists) {
==>                     errno = EEXIST;
                        ovr = ask_and_unlink(dest, flags);

It is added here purely for the sake of bb_perror_msg inside
ask_and_unlink in "#if DO_POSIX_CP" block to print correct error code. It
will happen if you try to cp a device node, fifo, or symlink over existing
file without -i and -f.

static int ask_and_unlink(const char *dest, int flags)
                // Either it exists, or the *path* doesnt exist
==>             bb_perror_msg("cannot create '%s'", dest);
                return -1;

It will say "cp: cannot create 'foo': File already exists". 

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