svn commit: trunk/busybox/util-linux

landley at landley at
Mon May 8 02:22:26 UTC 2006

Author: landley
Date: 2006-05-07 19:22:24 -0700 (Sun, 07 May 2006)
New Revision: 15029

More busting on legacy mtab support in the help text.


Modified: trunk/busybox/util-linux/
--- trunk/busybox/util-linux/	2006-05-07 23:34:15 UTC (rev 15028)
+++ trunk/busybox/util-linux/	2006-05-08 02:22:24 UTC (rev 15029)
@@ -455,7 +455,11 @@
 	  example a mount under chroot won't update it), can't handle modern
 	  features like separate per-process filesystem namespaces, requires
 	  that your /etc directory be writeable, tends to get easily confused
-	  by --bind or --move mounts, and so on.  (In brief: avoid.)
+	  by --bind or --move mounts, won't update if you rename a directory
+	  that contains a mount point, and so on.  (In brief: avoid.)
+	  About the only reason to use this is if you've removed /proc from
+	  your kernel.

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