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Software Freedom Law Center and the fixes.patch thing.


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+  <li><b>27 March 2006 -- Software Freedom Law Center representing BusyBox and uClibc</b>
+    <p>One issue Erik Andersen wanted to resolve when handing off BusyBox
+    maintainership to Rob Landley was license enforcement.  BusyBox and
+    uClibc's existing license enforcement efforts (pro-bono representation
+    by Erik's father's law firm, and the
+    <a href=>Hall of Shame</a>), haven't
+    scaled to match the popularity of the projects.  So we put our heads
+    together and did the obvious thing: ask Pamela Jones of
+    <a href="">Groklaw</a> for suggestions.  She
+    referred us to the fine folks at</p>
+    <p>As a result, we're pleased to announce that the
+    <a href="">Software Freedom Law Center</a>
+    has agreed to represent BusyBox and uClibc.  We join a number of other
+    free and open source software projects (such as
+    <a href=></a>,
+    <a href="">Wine</a>, and
+    <a href=>Plone</a>
+    in being represented by a fairly cool bunch of lawyers, which is not a
+    phrase you get to use every day.</p>
   <li><b>22 March 2006 -- BusyBox 1.1.1</b>
     <p>The new maintainer is Rob Landley, and the new release is <a href="">BusyBox 1.1.1</a>.  Expect a "what's new" document in a few days.  (Also, Erik and I have have another announcement pending...)</p>
+    <p>Update: Rather than put out an endless stream of 1.1.1.x releases,
+    the various small fixes have been collected together into a
+    <a href="">patch</a>,
+    and new fixes will be appended to that as needed.</p>
   <li><b>11 January 2006 -- 1.1.0 is out</b>
     <p>The new stable release is

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