NFS lock problem

Aubrey aubreylee at
Mon Mar 20 09:27:17 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I'm working on the blackfin uclinux platform. When I mounted the nfs
as the root file system, the syscall "fcntl" can lock file
successfully. But when I start up kernel and mount(busybox) the nfs on
a local directory, the syscall "fcntl" can't lock the file. The error
log as follows:
<5>Jan  6 06:06:29 kernel: lockd: cannot monitor
<5>Jan  6 06:06:29 kernel: lockd: failed to monitor
<7>Jan  6 06:06:30 kernel: nsm_mon_unmon: rpc failed, status=-13
It seems the lockd wasn't started. But the mount parameter was:
=================== on /mnt type nfs
I didn't use the "nolock" option, So I thought the lockd should be
started by busybox-mount command.
Is it a bug of busybox or I'm wrong?
Thanks for your hints!


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