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Update the tinyutils page to mention microperl, LUA, buildroot,
gentoo embedded...


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- <td><a href="">Dropbear</a> has both an ssh server and an ssh client.</td>
+ <td><a href="">Dropbear</a> has both an ssh server and an ssh client that together come in around 100k.  It has no external
+dependencies (I.E. it does not depend on OpenSSL, using a built-in copy of
+LibTomCrypt instead).  It's actively maintained, with a quiet but responsive
+mailing list.</td>
@@ -25,6 +28,12 @@
  <td><a href="">ssmtp</a> is an extremely simple MTA.</td>
+ <td>Microperl</td>
+ <td><a href=>microperl</a> is a small standalone perl interpreter that can be built from the perl sources via "make -f Makefile.micro".  If you really feel the need for perl on an embedded system, this is where to start.  (If you just want a small embedded
+scripting language to write _new_ code in,
+<a href=>Lua</a> seems popular for this purpose</a>.</td>
 <p>In a gui environment, you'll probably want a web browser.
@@ -33,5 +42,10 @@
 requires GTK+, but not Gnome.  Or you can try the <a href="">graphical
 version of links</a>.</p>
+<p>For more information, you probably want to look at
+<a href=>buildroot</a> and
+<a href=>TinyGentoo</a>, which
+build and use tiny utilities for all sorts of things.</p>
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