svn commit: trunk/busybox/include

vapier at vapier at
Tue Apr 11 04:04:42 UTC 2006

Author: vapier
Date: 2006-04-10 21:04:40 -0700 (Mon, 10 Apr 2006)
New Revision: 14812

Robert P. J. Day writes: even in the header file, make it clear that the routine depends on __uClinux__


Modified: trunk/busybox/include/libbb.h
--- trunk/busybox/include/libbb.h	2006-04-11 00:29:56 UTC (rev 14811)
+++ trunk/busybox/include/libbb.h	2006-04-11 04:04:40 UTC (rev 14812)
@@ -479,8 +479,11 @@
 extern void print_login_issue(const char *issue_file, const char *tty);
 extern void print_login_prompt(void);
+#if defined(__uClinux__)
 extern void vfork_daemon_rexec(int nochdir, int noclose,
 		int argc, char **argv, char *foreground_opt);
 extern int get_terminal_width_height(int fd, int *width, int *height);
 extern unsigned long get_ug_id(const char *s, long (*__bb_getxxnam)(const char *));

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