[BusyBox-cvs] libbb.h

Erik Andersen,,, andersen at busybox.net
Tue Jun 22 08:29:47 UTC 2004

Update of /var/cvs/busybox/include
In directory nail:/tmp/cvs-serv32036/include

Modified Files:
Log Message:
Patch from Bastian Blank:

    The updated patch adds a config option to explicitely enable 64 bit

    Also it removes the arith prototype from libbb.h as it is not used
    outside of ash.


this patch has been slightly modified by Erik for cleanliness.

Index: libbb.h
RCS file: /var/cvs/busybox/include/libbb.h,v
retrieving revision 1.130
retrieving revision 1.131
diff -u -d -r1.130 -r1.131
--- libbb.h	1 May 2004 01:27:30 -0000	1.130
+++ libbb.h	22 Jun 2004 08:29:44 -0000	1.131
@@ -289,8 +289,6 @@
 char *concat_subpath_file(const char *path, const char *filename);
 char *last_char_is(const char *s, int c);
-extern long arith (const char *startbuf, int *errcode);
 int read_package_field(const char *package_buffer, char **field_name, char **field_value);
 //#warning yuk!
 char *fgets_str(FILE *file, const char *terminating_string);

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