[BusyBox-cvs] busybox AUTHORS,1.33,1.34

Glenn McGrath bug1 at busybox.net
Sun Feb 9 06:51:45 UTC 2003

Update of /var/cvs/busybox
In directory winder:/tmp/cvs-serv22929

Modified Files:
Log Message:
New applet, inetd, make httpd features more configurable, update authors, last_patch_80 
from Vladimir N. Oleynik

RCS file: /var/cvs/busybox/AUTHORS,v
retrieving revision 1.33
retrieving revision 1.34
diff -u -d -r1.33 -r1.34
--- AUTHORS	12 Dec 2002 10:54:47 -0000	1.33
+++ AUTHORS	9 Feb 2003 06:51:11 -0000	1.34
@@ -44,6 +44,9 @@
 Larry Doolittle <ldoolitt at recycle.lbl.gov>
     pristine source directory compilation, lots of patches and fixes.
+Glenn Engel <glenne at engel.org>
+    httpd
 Gennady Feldman <gfeldman at gena01.com>
     Sysklogd (single threaded syslogd, IPC Circular buffer support,
     logread), various fixes.
@@ -67,8 +70,8 @@
     ar, dpkg, dpkg-deb
 Vladimir Oleynik <dzo at simtreas.ru>
-    cmdedit; xargs(current);
-    ports: ash, crond, fdisk, stty, traceroute, telnetd, top;
+    cmdedit; xargs(current), httpd(current);
+    ports: ash, crond, fdisk, inetd, stty, traceroute, telnetd, top;
     locale, various fixes
     and irreconcilable critic of everything not perfect.

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