[BusyBox-cvs] busybox/include applets.h,1.107,1.108

Erik Andersen andersen at busybox.net
Sat Dec 20 07:07:24 UTC 2003

Update of /var/cvs/busybox/include
In directory nail:/tmp/cvs-serv3885/include

Modified Files:
Log Message:
Kill off the loadacm applet.  It is unused, unmaintained
garbage leftover from before I started maintaining BusyBox.
As the Klingon's like to say, Today is a good day to die.

Index: applets.h
RCS file: /var/cvs/busybox/include/applets.h,v
retrieving revision 1.107
retrieving revision 1.108
diff -u -d -r1.107 -r1.108
--- applets.h	14 Nov 2003 10:04:33 -0000	1.107
+++ applets.h	20 Dec 2003 07:07:21 -0000	1.108
@@ -331,9 +331,6 @@
 #ifdef CONFIG_LN
 	APPLET(ln, ln_main, _BB_DIR_BIN, _BB_SUID_NEVER)
-	APPLET(loadacm, loadacm_main, _BB_DIR_USR_BIN, _BB_SUID_NEVER)
 	APPLET(loadfont, loadfont_main, _BB_DIR_USR_BIN, _BB_SUID_NEVER)

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