[BusyBox-cvs] cvs commit to busybox/libbb by andersen

andersen at codepoet.org andersen at codepoet.org
Mon Sep 30 20:39:53 UTC 2002

Repository: busybox/libbb
who:        andersen
time:       Mon Sep 30 14:39:52 MDT 2002

Log Message:

Vodz' last_patch57:
    Hi, Erik.

    my_getpw(uid/gid) and applets used it have problem:
    if username for uid not found, applets can`t detect it
    (but code pessent). Also "%8ld " format is bad:
    spaces not required (applets have self format
    or spec format (tar applet) and overflow for "id" applet...)
    This problem also pressent in stable version.
    Patch for unstable in attach.



changed:    my_getgrgid.c my_getpwuid.c

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