[BusyBox-cvs] my own bootable floopy - howto???

Edward Fjellskaal edwardfjellskaal at yahoo.no
Tue Nov 5 15:47:18 UTC 2002

I want to make my own ”linux on a floppy”, and I have compiled a 2.4.18
kernel. I have made a initrd (ramdisk) and I use busybox. But when I
boot, the kernel panics, saying it cant find init .. I have tried to put
init in different places (/bin/init /etc/init and /sbin/init) but still
the kernel panics. Also tried to pass the init=/path_to_init option to
the kernel but no luck :/
I have tried another ramdisk (from freesco) and the kernel finds init.
So the kernel should be compiled right. (?)
My only guess is that its got to do with some device issues? In the
/dev/ dir? I put in some, but what are the most important to get my
system to boot ? 
Are there an linux on a floppy how to out there that I could read ?
Im stuck, and its driving me crazy
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