[BusyBox-cvs] cvs commit to busybox/init by andersen

andersen at codepoet.org andersen at codepoet.org
Sat Jan 26 09:04:45 UTC 2002

Repository: busybox/init
who:        andersen
time:       Sat Jan 26 02:04:45 MST 2002

Log Message:

Patch from Russ Dill <Russ.Dill at asu.edu>.  From the
start-stop-daemon man page:

        Typically used with programs that don't detach on their own.
        This option will force start-stop-daemon to fork before starting
        the process, and force it into the background. WARNING:
        start-stop-daemon cannot check the exit status if the process
        fails to execute for any reason. This is a last resort, and is
        only meant for programs that either make no sense forking on
        their own, or where it's not feasible to add the code for it to
        do this itself.

This is usefull for applets like watchdog


changed:    start_stop_daemon.c

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