[BusyBox-cvs] cvs commit to busybox by andersen

andersen at busybox.net andersen at busybox.net
Tue Feb 20 06:14:09 UTC 2001

Repository: busybox
who:        andersen
time:       Mon Feb 19 23:14:08 MST 2001

Log Message:

It turns out that DODMALLOC was broken when I reorganized busybox.h
header file usage before the 0.49 release.  To fix it, I had to move
the '#include "busybox.h"' to the end of the list of #include files.


changed:    basename.c busybox.c cat.c chmod_chown_chgrp.c chroot.c chvt.c clear.c cmdedit.c cmp.c cp_mv.c date.c dc.c dd.c deallocvt.c df.c dirname.c dmesg.c dos2unix.c du.c dumpkmap.c dutmp.c echo.c expr.c fbset.c fdflush.c find.c free.c fsck_minix.c gunzip.c gzip.c head.c hostid.c ifconfig.c init.c insmod.c kill.c length.c ln.c loadacm.c loadfont.c loadkmap.c logger.c logname.c ls.c lsmod.c makedevs.c md5sum.c mkdir.c mkfifo.c mkfs_minix.c mknod.c mkswap.c mktemp.c more.c mount.c mt.c mtab.c nc.c nfsmount.c nslookup.c ping.c pivot_root.c printf.c ps.c pwd.c rdate.c readlink.c renice.c reset.c rm.c rmdir.c rmmod.c route.c rpmunpack.c setkeycodes.c sleep.c sort.c stty.c swaponoff.c sync.c syslogd.c tail.c tar.c telnet.c test.c touch.c tr.c true_false.c tty.c umount.c uname.c uniq.c update.c uptime.c usleep.c utility.c uudecode.c uuencode.c watchdog.c wc.c wget.c which.c whoami.c xargs.c yes.c

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