[BusyBox-cvs] cvs commit to busybox/init by andersen

andersen at busybox.net andersen at busybox.net
Thu Dec 6 14:52:31 UTC 2001

Repository: busybox/init
who:        andersen
time:       Thu Dec  6 07:52:30 MST 2001

Log Message:

If find_pid_by_name() had an error, it was returning -1, but storing
that into a pid_t, which is unsigned on a number archs.  Furthermore,
find_pid_by_name() would _never_ return an error if the intended proces
was "init", but instead would return 1, meaning we would fail to work
on 2.4.x kernels running an initrd...


changed:    halt.c poweroff.c reboot.c

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