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skeleton-init-systemd per-package workaround

I can confirm this.

This kind of issues might happen when using `per-package`.
The reason for this is that `target-finalize` rsyncs all the target
subdirectories under the package directory (example:
`$O/per-package/foo/target`) in alphabetic order:

$(call per-package-rsync,$(sort $(PACKAGES)),target,$(TARGET_DIR))

So, files in the final target, might get consecutively overwritten in that
process by the content of each package `per-package` `target` directory.

In this case, `udev` is one of the packages that overrides the `resolv.conf`,
it comes after `systemd` in the rsync order previously mentioned.

`udev` depends on `toolchain` which in turn depends on `skeleton-init-systemd`,
where `resolv.conf` is a link to `../tmp/resolv.conf`, thus,
`$O/per-package/udev/target/etc/resolv.conf` gets its value by rsyncing
`$O/per-package/toolchain/target/etc/resolv.conf` just before building.

Ideally, rsync would execute in dependency order instead of alphabetic order. I
tried to tinker around that, but had not much success. Im not sure how to solve
this problem.

In the meanwhile, I attach a patch for `skeleton-init-systemd.mk`, which solves
this specific issue. Im not sure it is the best way to solve this problem, for
the reasons I just mentioned.

Any thoughts?

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