[Buildroot] [PATCH 00/15] Overwritten file detection and fixes, one more step to TLP build

Herve Codina herve.codina at bootlin.com
Mon Jun 21 14:11:15 UTC 2021


This series fixes some issues in the TLP build feature.
The starting point was the work done by Thomas Petazzoni on overwrites
detection (PATCH 1).

Based on this work, this series fixes some overwrites, introduces and uses
<PKG>_PER_PACKAGE_TWEAK_HOOKS. This variable is used to collect specific
per-package path tweaks needed by per-package build.
With this tweaks collected in this variable, they can be re-applied
when they are needed (<pkg>_{reconfigure,rebuild,reinstall}).

It also reworks the final {HOST,TARGET}_DIR rsync.
For each packages only files generated by the package are rsynced (PATCH 13).
This is done using an exclusion list computed in (PATCH 12).
In order to avoid modifications performed in target-finalize step to be seen
as overwrites on next build, the final {HOST,TARGET}_DIR do not contain any
hardlink anymore and are a full copy of expected files and directories (PATCH 14).

The last patch (PATCH 15) fixes <pkg>_{reconfigure,rebuild,reinstall} recreating
per-package {HOST,TARGET}_DIR from scratch.
Indeed, for a given package, re-generating the same file is detected as an overwrite.
The simplest way to avoid this is to fully discard previous per-package {HOST,TARGET}_DIR
directory and recreate them.

To have a TLP build fully fonctionnal, several things are still missing:
  - Be sure that all buildroot packages do not perform any overwrites.
  - Undo tweak stuff that have be done for per-package build (fixup-libtool-files,
    fixup-python-files, <PKG>_PER_PACKAGE_TWEAK_HOOKS) after collecting files
    in final {HOST,STAGING}_DIR.
    This mainly means reverting .../per-package/xxxxx/... path to point to
    the correct ones in final {HOST,STAGING}_DIR.

I hope this series will help in TLP build feature.

Best regards,
Hervé Codina

Herve Codina (14):
  package/e2fsprogs: fix fsck overwrite in HOST_DIR
  package/pkg-generic.mk: Remove Info documents dir entry
  package/pkg-generic.mk: Fix .la files overwrite detection
  package/pkg-generic.mk: Perform .la files fixup in per-package
  package/pkg-generic.mk: Introduce <PKG>_PER_PACKAGE_TWEAK_HOOKS
  package/apr-util: Use <PKG>_PER_PACKAGE_TWEAK_HOOKS
  package/apache: Move APACHE_FIXUP_APR_LIBTOOL to
  package/pkg-python: Remove _sysconfigdata*.pyc files when
    _sysconfigdata*.py are changed
  package/pkg-generic.mk: Move python fixup to generic package
  package/owfs: Remove Python sysconfigdata fixup
  package/pkg-generic.mk: Generate final rsync exclude file list
  Makefile: Rsync global {TARGET,HOST}_DIR using exclusion file list
  Makefile: Breaks hardlinks in global {TARGET,HOST}_DIR on per-package
  package/pkg-generic.mk: Fix per-package

Thomas Petazzoni (1):
  package/pkg-generic.mk: detect files overwritten in TARGET_DIR and

 Makefile                       |  24 +++++++-
 package/apache/apache.mk       |   2 +-
 package/apr-util/apr-util.mk   |  12 ++--
 package/e2fsprogs/e2fsprogs.mk |   1 +
 package/owfs/owfs.mk           |   9 ---
 package/pkg-generic.mk         | 103 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-
 package/pkg-python.mk          |  10 ----
 7 files changed, 134 insertions(+), 27 deletions(-)


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