[Buildroot] [webkitgtk / cairo] Accelerated rendering on raspberry pi 4

C Larbi pkl2000us at gmail.com
Wed Jun 16 10:54:19 UTC 2021

I am working on a personal project to build a digital kiosk on a pi 4
I am using webkitgtk on a wayland compositor.

So far I have got the system up and running.

But css and javascript effects produce poor performance (high latency and
probably low FPS)

I get garbled output on the display when I try to enforce hardware
acceleration through WebKitSettings or using environment variables.

This has left me suspecting an issue with cairo, open egl and es

I did some research and found out cairo has an --enable-egl configuration
parameter (which is not in the cairo.mk file).

I applied this but still garbled output.

I have tried different combinations of vc4-fkms-v3d, vc4-kms-v3-pi4, but
still get the garbled output.

Will appreciate it if anyone can give me some pointers to a possible

NB: I was advised to switch to wpewebkit, but i had the same results when i
used cog to load my web page
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