[Buildroot] [PATCH v3 2/3] package/libosmium: new package

Maxim Kochetkov fido_max at inbox.ru
Fri Apr 16 07:15:45 UTC 2021

This is header-only library. It only checks some externals headers. All 
dependencies except protozero are optional.

15.04.2021 23:24, Arnout Vandecappelle пишет:
>   So it seems that the dependencies on protozero, gdal, geos, proj and sparsehash
> are not optional. And in fact, the bzip2, zlib, expat dependencies are also not
> optional, if I read cmake/FindOsmium.cmake correctly.
>   Also I can't find sparsehash in buildroot, so how did you manage to build this?

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