[Buildroot] Help: to understand build root

Andreas Ziegler br015 at umbiko.net
Wed May 6 04:58:06 UTC 2020

Hi Kunal,

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> Date: Tue, 5 May 2020 22:29:10 +0530
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> Subject: [Buildroot] Help: to understand build root

> Q1.As busybox is a small flavour of linux os.if i am not wrong?
> Q2. What is concept of build-root. As i have seen code base compiled 
> and
> create build-root folder .

Buildroot is a build system for embedded systems. It is comparable to 
e.g. Yocto and helps you to create a GNU/Linux based image, containing 
Linux kernel, init system and root filesystem, which can then be 
transferred to a target system. Think of firmware for IoT, a router, a 
media player, or a robot in manufacturing.

Buildroot images are static, you cannot install software after 

Buildroot images can be small, production images are counted in MiB, not 

Buildroot handles cross-compiling. Build and target system can have 
completely different architectures.

Buildroot recipes (see configs/*_defconfig) are meant as starting point 
for your own project(s). They bring a system up and make it responsive 
(console, network), the rest is up to you.

In case you have not seen it before, the Buildroot manual is here:


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