[Buildroot] Allowing to build from Git branches

Thomas Petazzoni thomas.petazzoni at bootlin.com
Tue Jan 14 21:04:01 UTC 2020


I know some people are going to yell at me for bringing up this topic,
but let's do it anyway.

Currently, Buildroot says that using a Git branch as the VERSION for a
package is not supported. There are some patches that have been
proposed to explicitly prevent using branches, but in the current
Buildroot it "works" except that a cached tarball is preserved in
DL_DIR, which means that the branch is never fetched again unless the
tarball is manually deleted from DL_DIR. We have generally resisted
supporting Git branches with the (very valid) argument that it breaks

However, over time, I have seen a number of users/companies complaining
about this, both on the mailing list and privately with customers or
while discussing with users at conferences.

The typical use case that they describe is the following: a company has
a large number of packages in Buildroot to build in-house software
components. Both for their CI runs, and for the developers actively
working on the system, they would like for those packages to point to a
branch, and always fetch the latest version. Yes, it is not
reproducible, but reproducibility is not what is desired at this point
of the project: what is wanted is precisely to fetch the latest and
greatest for those packages that point to a branch, to make sure the
most recent code gets tested and used by developers internally.

The only solution we offer for this today is <pkg>_OVERRIDE_SRCDIR or
<pkg>_SITE_METHOD = local, but neither of those are very practical: you
need to have fetched each of your software components outside of
Buildroot, and point Buildroot at them. It's a bit silly when Buildroot
is already perfectly capable of doing this.

Overall, I think it makes sense to realize that Buildroot is used in
different use-cases:

 - During active development, where we want to offer a lot of
   flexibility, possibly at the expense of reproducibility.

 - During release/generation of the final firmware that will be used on
   actual devices, where we want an absolute reproducibility, to the
   point where we're working on binary-identical results.

Buildroot has its roots in solving the second use-case. However, we
have already added some features, like OVERRIDE_SRCDIR and SITE_METHOD
= local, to provide the additional flexibility needed for the first use
case. In some sense, those features already kill reproducibility: what
you're building is some random source code from some random local
folder. Completely non-reproducible. Possibility worse that a Git
branch, where you can potentially at least trace back which commit was
built, and re-do that same build.

So I'd like to start the debate on whether it might makes sense to
relax our requirements on this, and be more pragmatic, and support
fetching from Git branches. Of course, this very likely needs to be
guarded by a Config.in option, so that we clearly set the boundary
between "you're in the safe zone where your build is reproducible" and
"you're in the zone where your build is non-reproducible".

And now, let's the flames start! :-)

Thomas Petazzoni, CTO, Bootlin
Embedded Linux and Kernel engineering

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