[Buildroot] [PATCHv5 4/5] package/bpftrace: new package

Romain Naour romain.naour at gmail.com
Sun Dec 20 10:01:43 UTC 2020

Le 20/12/2020 à 02:47, Qais Yousef a écrit :
> On 12/06/20 18:35, Romain Naour wrote:
>> From: Qais Yousef <qais.yousef at arm.com>
>> bpftrace is a high-level tracing language for Linux enhanced Berkeley
>> Packet Filter (eBPF) available in recent Linux kernels (4.x).
>> Only tested on x86_64 and aarch64. The package doesn't support i386 and
>> aarch32.
>> Signed-off-by: Qais Yousef <qais.yousef at arm.com>
>> Signed-off-by: Romain Naour <romain.naour at gmail.com>
>> Cc: Jugurtha BELKALEM <jugurtha.belkalem at smile.fr>
>> ---
>> v2: patch to build bundled libraries statically
>>     Add glibc dependency
>>     Rework to select bcc, libbpf and llvm RTII dependencies.
>>     Add reverse dependencies
>>     Bump the version to the latest (upcoming 0.12)
>>       due to many build issues (and patch to backport) with
>>       the latest release.
>>     Add binutils optional dependency to provide libbfd and libopcodes.
>>     Disable manpages.
>> ---
> I don't think we need the dependency on libbpf? BCC provides it and we depend
> on it.

The libbpf provided by BCC is named libbcc_bpf.so but bpftrace really expect

I added libbpf package since distribution packages use it.

But bpftrace try to find bcc_bpf only for static linking.
It's not clear what's the libbpf implementation the buildsystem is trying to
use. Why it is not using the same bpf library for both static ans shared linking ?

I think it's better use use the library from upstream (libbpf) rather than a
library bundled in another software (bcc_libbpf).

> Feel free to add my name to DEVELOPERS file too and your name too.

Indeed, the DEVELOPERS file update is missing :-/

> Beside the question on the addition of libbpf dependency, this looks good to
> me.
> Thanks for the rework!

Thanks again for your help!

Best regards,

> Cheers
> --
> Qais Yousef

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