[Buildroot] Buildroot Logo Pictograph

Baruch Siach baruch at tkos.co.il
Wed Sep 11 12:15:03 UTC 2019

Hi Buildroot developers,

We have a nice recognizable logo that illustrates what Buildroot is
about. Being far from expert (or even amateur) in graphic design, I find it
perfect. But when Hadas Cohen, SolidRun's graphic designer, considered using
the Buildroot logo in a brochure, she noticed a problem. It turns out that a
realistic picture is no go for logo design. As a result she could not use the
logo as is, because it looks markedly different than other logos in the

Hadas referred me to this professional looking explanation of why photograph
is not a good choice for a logo:


Hadas also collected a few hundred random logos to demonstrate the point:


SolidRun management agreed to let Hadas design an iconic pictograph version of
the Buildroot logo. Here is the result.

Two colored logo alternatives:


Two monochromatic alternatives:


Hadas can provide the vectorized SVG and PDF sources of these raster images.

What do you think?


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