[Buildroot] Error when installing to staging directory

Raffucci, Anastasia Anastasia.Raffucci at jhuapl.edu
Wed Jan 23 15:42:53 UTC 2019


Yes, I am running with fresh clone 2017.11.x. I do not copy, or modify any files in buildroot folder. 
I am using external compiler: 
In my $ROOT I have:
$ ls
bashrc.local  build  build_all.sh  defconfig  overlays  post-image.sh  pre-image.sh  skeleton

and I run: $source build_all.sh

source bashrc.local
if [ ! -d buildroot ]; then
	git clone git://git.busybox.net/buildroot
cd buildroot
git checkout origin/2017.11.x
cd $ROOT
cp defconfig/defconfig build/.config
if [ -f Makefile ]; then
	# first run
	make O=$ROOT/build -C ~/buildroot     #build folder is created manually

export ARCH=arm
export ROOT=$PWD
export CROSS_TOOL_PATH=/tmp/gcc-linaro-7.1.1-2017.05-x86_64_arm-linux-gnueabi      #copied manually to this location
export CROSS_TOOL_PREFIX=arm-linux-gnueabi

I am reading "host/ contains the installation of tools compiled for the host that are needed for the proper execution of Buildroot, including the cross-compilation toolchain." I also compared the contents of host/ now and when it was working and it is different.
I expect to have: arm-buildroot-linux-gnueabi  bin  doc  etc  include  lib  lib64  libexec  man  sbin  share  usr  var
But I currently have: arm-buildroot-linux-gnueabi  bin  lib  lib64  share  usr
Maybe because of the previous error that is not printed to the screen. So there are obvious missing folders. I think these are the part from cross compiler. 
$ ls /tmp/gcc-linaro-7.1.1-2017.05-x86_64_arm-linux-gnueabi/
arm-linux-gnueabi/                           lib/
bin/                                         libexec/
gcc-linaro-7.1.1-2017.05-linux-manifest.txt  share/

From: Matthew Weber <matthew.weber at collins.com>
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On Tue, Jan 22, 2019 at 8:38 AM Raffucci, Anastasia
<Anastasia.Raffucci at jhuapl.edu> wrote:
> I am using origin/2017.11.x (0edec09c322744ce1820337487e9bcb9cbcf7ab7) No modifications.

Would you mind testing with 2018.11?

When you copy over to the new location, is it a fresh 2017.11 git
clone?  Are you using a target that's already in buildroot or are
there additional files you copy into the buildroot folder after GIT

You mention doing a out of tree build.  I assume that folder is never
relocated and always created new when you do your "make O=<out of tree
location> <defconfig name>_defconfig" to setup your build?

> Not sure what you mean by br2-external. I guess I am not using it. Should I?

Not necessarly, it's a way you can manage customization but not
required.  Checkout details in the manual about keeping customizations
outside of buildroot if you have interest in that.

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> Raffucci,
> On Mon, Jan 21, 2019 at 3:48 PM Raffucci, Anastasia <Anastasia.Raffucci at jhuapl.edu> wrote:
> >
> > Buildroot Support Team,
> >
> >
> > I am relatively new to Buildroot and embedded Linux. I used Buildroot once for one project before the one I am working on right now. I have some support from people that are using it around me as well. But here is one problem I am struggling to solve.
> >
> >
> > I am having a problem where the process breaks when trying to install staging directory. I am building out of tree with custom skeleton and overlays. I was able to build root file system once. But when I cloned my project to another location on the same machine, I have this error:
> >
> >
> Which version of buildroot is your build based on and are there any modifications or use of a br2-external?
> >
> > >>> skeleton-custom  Installing to staging directory
> > rsync -a --ignore-times --exclude .svn --exclude .git --exclude .hg
> > --exclude .bzr --exclude CVS --chmod=u=rwX,go=rX --exclude .empty
> > --exclude '*~' /home/user/linux/buildroot/skeleton/
> > /home/user/linux/buildroot/host/arm-buildroot-linux-gnueabi/sysroot/
> > ln -snf lib
> > /home/user/linux/buildroot/host/arm-buildroot-linux-gnueabi/sysroot/li
> > b32 ln -snf lib
> > /home/user/linux/buildroot/host/arm-buildroot-linux-gnueabi/sysroot/us
> > r/lib32
> > ln: failed to create symbolic link
> > '/home/user/linux/buildroot/host/arm-buildroot-linux-gnueabi/sysroot/u
> > sr/lib32': No such file or directory
> > package/pkg-generic.mk:273: recipe for target
> > '/home/user/linux/buildroot/build/skeleton-custom/.stamp_staging_insta
> > lled' failed
> > make[1]: ***
> > [/home/user/linux/buildroot/build/skeleton-custom/.stamp_staging_insta
> > lled] Error 1
> > Makefile:16: recipe for target '_all' failed
> > make: *** [_all] Error 2
> >
> >
> >
> > I am not reusing any files or directories that get generated by the Buildroot. I also make sure to checkout buildroot git repository to not have any local changes. Unless it is hidden by .gitignore... What could possibly cause this error? As far as I see, everything in /host directory is populated by the Buildroot process. So why the sysroot/usr is missing? Am I missing to export another environment variable for Buildroot that gets set once when you run it first time and always there unchanged? Please help.
> Would you mind pastebin sharing your .config, environment values and command line history showing your initial build and then what you do
> when you setup your new build location?    That would help give us an
> idea of what sequence might be leading up to this error.
> Thanks!
> Matt
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