[Buildroot] RFC: Qt5 LTS Versions

Andreas Naumann dev at andin.de
Mon Jan 21 09:25:47 UTC 2019

Hi all,

since Qt will soon end its LTS support for 5.6, see
I wonder which versions will be included/supported in buildroot in 2019.02.

At the moment, I would need 5.9 support, so my first thought was to
create a patch which drops 5.6 for 5.9. However someone might just want
to use 5.6 even after upstream maintenance stopped. (I vaguely remember 
licensing being a reason for some folks to stick with 5.6.)
Creating the patch itself also seems to be a somewhat fiddly task
because of the many conditionals (LATEST vs 5_6) involved. Of course 
LATEST used to be 5.9, but it's 5.11 now (maybe 5.12 soon?) so the 5.9 
specialties would have to be re-integrated using yet another variable.

So I guess the question are, should we introduce more than one LTS
version at all?  And, for easier transistion in the future, should 
_LATEST be renamed to _5_XX before bumping to the next non-lts version?
Are there any other/better mechanisms to maintain multiple versions in 
one package?


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