[Buildroot] [PATCH 1/1] Add libvirt (KVM) support

Christopher Peeters christopher at lecroq.be
Mon Apr 15 07:46:43 UTC 2019

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for your email. I wasn't aware about the commit title
conventions so I will fix this.

The reason why I selected a different distribution is the lack of
support for Libvirt by the original distribution. When you do `vagrant
up` with the original Vagrantfile and KVM/Libvirt as default vagrant
provider, vagrant will quit with the error that the current box can't be
found / isn't supported. Please check the snippet below for more
information. The "generic/ubuntu1804" is also a Ubuntu Bionic machine
which is well-supported so I selected this one to be able to use
Buildroot on Vagrant on Libvirt.


$ vagrant up
==> vagrant: A new version of Vagrant is available: 2.2.4!
==> vagrant: To upgrade visit: https://www.vagrantup.com/downloads.html

Bringing machine 'default' up with 'libvirt' provider...
==> default: Box 'ubuntu/bionic64' could not be found. Attempting to
find and install...
    default: Box Provider: libvirt
    default: Box Version: >= 0
==> default: Loading metadata for box 'ubuntu/bionic64'
    default: URL: https://vagrantcloud.com/ubuntu/bionic64
The box you're attempting to add doesn't support the provider
you requested. Please find an alternate box or use an alternate
provider. Double-check your requested provider to verify you didn't
simply misspell it.

If you're adding a box from HashiCorp's Vagrant Cloud, make sure the box is

Name: ubuntu/bionic64
Address: https://vagrantcloud.com/ubuntu/bionic64
Requested provider: [:libvirt]


You can also search for boxes on the Vagrant website. They also show
which providers are supported:



I will also contact Ubuntu to ask them if they're willing to support
Libvirt, but in the mean time I suggest to choose a different box for
Buildroot on Vagrant using the Libvirt provider.

I will also fix the indentation as requested. This is probably due to my
vim settings.

Best regards,


On 13/04/2019 22:21, Thomas Petazzoni wrote:
> Hello Christopher,
> Sorry for the very long delay in replying. I am not an expert with the
> Vagrant stuff, so I'm adding Angelo in Cc who hopefully will be able to
> comment further. Still, I have a few comments.
> First, the commit title should be:
> 	support/misc/Vagrantfile: add libvirt/kvm support
> On Fri, 15 Feb 2019 18:36:07 +0100
> Christopher Peeters <christopher at lecroq.be> wrote:
>> Signed-off-by: Christopher Peeters <christopher at lecroq.be>
>> ---
>>  support/misc/Vagrantfile | 6 ++++++
>>  1 file changed, 6 insertions(+)
>> diff --git a/support/misc/Vagrantfile b/support/misc/Vagrantfile
>> index 1ca5edc647..48f01a5807 100644
>> --- a/support/misc/Vagrantfile
>> +++ b/support/misc/Vagrantfile
>> @@ -29,6 +29,12 @@ Vagrant.configure('2') do |config|
>>  		end
>>  	end
>> +  config.vm.provider :libvirt do |v, override|
>> +    override.vm.box = 'generic/ubuntu1804'
> Why are you overriding the distribution being used? It seems odd that
> depending on the virtualization technology, a different distribution
> gets installed inside the VM.
>> +    v.memory = VM_MEMORY
>> +    v.cpus = VM_CORES
>> +  end 
> The indentation is also bogus: the file uses tabs, and you used two
> spaces. Could you fix that up ?
> Thanks,
> Thomas
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