[Buildroot] [PATCH 1/1] pkg-golang: Allow per package/target CGO_ENABLED setting

Anisse Astier anisse at astier.eu
Mon Apr 8 11:23:26 UTC 2019

On Sun, Apr 07, 2019 at 07:00:20PM -0700, Christian Stewart wrote:
> Hi Anisse, Cam, all,
> Overriding CGO_ENABLED when we know that the toolchain doesn't work
> properly with cgo doesn't seem correct.
> Anisse Astier <anisse at astier.eu> writes:
> >> Some build targets may not build with CGO_ENABLED=1, so allowing a per
> >> package and build target override will allow those targets to be built
> >> with Buildroot.
> Why not just add the override in the existing build flag overrides?
> > Just like Thomas, I'm wondering what specific use-case you have in mind;
> > in particular, I'm interested why you needed build-target granularity in
> > addition to package-level configuration.
> If you really need to do something this custom, I recommend just
> overriding the build stage entirely.
> > Disabling CGO isn't an issue, until you try doing DNS requests, which
> > are usually handled by your libc. If you have anything configured out of
> > the ordinary /etc/resolv.conf, a cgo-disabled binary won't be able to do
> > a DNS request. Same goes for user/group and user home dir resolution:
> > anything outside of /etc/{passwd,group} (pam, NSS, etc.), won't work.
> Are you referring to the case where a Go-implemented DNS is used? This
> should be the case with cgo disabled, and I don't know if the behavior
> differs from the regular libc dns.

Yes, I'm talking about the go-implemented dns resolution when cgo is

On a glibc system you might not simply rely on /etc/{hosts,resolv.conf}
since hostname resolution is pluggable and configurable with



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