[Buildroot] Building U-Boot tools from the same source as U-Boot

Philip Molloy philip at philipmolloy.com
Tue Apr 2 20:47:04 UTC 2019


I maintain a slightly patched up-to-date mainline U-Boot at work. I point to that using BR2_TARGET_UBOOT_CUSTOM_GIT. I noticed today that the U-Boot user space tools (i.e. fw_printenv and fw_setenv) were built with a default environment that doesn't match our custom environment that we store in a text file and gets compiled into the U-Boot binary and a standalone U-Boot binary environment.

The default environment that finds its way into the tools is defined here:

If the environment is corrupted the tool will print a warning and use the default environment that is compiled into the tool, but not error out.

Is there a way to use the same source for BR2_TARGET_UBOOT and BR2_PACKAGE_UBOOT_TOOLS? It seems like that would be a good practice anyway, but appears to be especially important in this case.


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