[Buildroot] [PATCH v8 1/1] docker-engine: split docker-{cli, engine}, bump to v18.06.1-ce

Christian Stewart christian at paral.in
Wed Nov 14 05:53:23 UTC 2018


Matthew Weber <matthew.weber at rockwellcollins.com> writes:
> I've started to test this series and wondered what the most minimal BR
> config would look like for the host /parent build?  Just systemd and
> docker-engine? Or are there dependencies on full core-utils /
> util-linux items?  I did look at your SkiffOS project and when I merge
> a config together their were a good amount of packages and a ~150MB
> rootfs.  Just curious what a minimal build might look like.

This is an interesting question. I had a quick scan of a defconfig Skiff
produces, and took some quick notes on what might be immediately
removable without consequence:

 - util-linux: fallocate, kill, line, login, more, newgrp, rfkill, setpriv, su
 - editors: nano and vim (can be removed)
 - wpa-supplicant: cli, hotspot, wps support likely can be removed
 - other utils: file, ssh server (dropbear could be used), mosh, compression tools
 - libv4l: unsure if necessary

The majority of these can be disabled from the base config fragments


They were originally included due to operational requirements / ease of
use in the early days of the project, but are probably not necessary in
a "production" image. They can certainly be removed from the base Skiff
packages, and left to developers to enable in other packages if needed.

I'll begin doing some tests of minimal images this week.

Something else to note: it's likely unnecessary to include Docker at
all, and these days Docker brings a lot of binary bloat with it. It
contains a full cluster management system (swarm) and a kubernetes
client, for example.

Some alternatives:

 - http://cri-o.io/ - container runtime interface, will add to BR
 - runc - can be used independently of Docker
 - docker-containerd - separate daemon for managing container basics
 - rkt - coreos container manager
 - libpod/podman: https://github.com/containers/libpod

I hope to add at least cri-o, rkt, and podman support to Buildroot in
the near future.

>> +sha256 47eda354afc199693aa338f5b2bb87e4511354c02561ddc6520a06d169921bdf        docker-cli-v18.06.1-ce.tar.gz
> Please add license file hashes for both packages.

Will include in the next revision of the series:

# docker-cli.hash
sha256	2d81ea060825006fc8f3fe28aa5dc0ffeb80faf325b612c955229157b8c10dc0  LICENSE
# docker-engine.hash
sha256	2d81ea060825006fc8f3fe28aa5dc0ffeb80faf325b612c955229157b8c10dc0  LICENSE


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