[Buildroot] [PATCH v2] libcurl: Allow selection of TLS package libcurl will use

Peter Korsgaard peter at korsgaard.com
Fri Nov 9 23:15:59 UTC 2018

>>>>> "Trent" == Trent Piepho <tpiepho at impinj.com> writes:


 >> >  Note that that means that libcurl will by default select openssl, which was not
 >> > the case before. However, I think it makes complete sense to default to enabling
 >> > TLS support in libcurl. Peter, what do you think? This would obviously have to
 >> > be mentioned in the release notes because the behaviour of existing configs
 >> > would change.

 > Don't most optional features in buildroot get auto-enabled when the
 > package they need is enabled?  Which in effect means the feature is
 > turned on, not by a setting under the user, but by turning on the
 > dependency.  I know I've seen this pattern many many times in
 > buildroot.

 > Is this pattern of turning on the dependency via an option under the
 > user of the dependency used elsewhere?  Or would it be a new pattern
 > unique to libcurl?

We use automatic dependencies for most packages, but there are a few
with explicit sub options to pull in the optional dependencies.

 >> Either that or add a:
 >> To the choice option and drop the _LIBCURL_NONE variant. With that we
 >> have the same behaviour as before, except that you _CAN_ select the TLS
 >> provider in case multiple providers are available.

 > I did drop the NONE variant.  Do you mean in Arnout's alternate
 > example?  It doesn't provide entirely the same behavior.  Example:

 > openssl off, gnutls on

 > Current: libcurl uses gnutls
 > My patch: libcurl uses gnutls
 > Arnout's proposal: libcurl enables openssl and uses it.  Need to change
 > config to select gnutls and turn off openssl.
 > Peter's modification: Same as Arnout's

 > I believe your modification only produces the same behavior in the case
 > where all four tls libs are off.  As soon as one turns on, then libcurl
 > will select openssl.

Correct, so I think it makes sense to use 'depends on' for the
individual sub options like you had. With that, the default behaviour
should be like it was before.

Bye, Peter Korsgaard

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